Sous Chef

After starting her career as an aspiring law student at Stellenbosch University, Lisa was inspired by her love for experimentation of food and of course, wine. Deciding to rather pursue a career in hospitality, Lisa graduated with a Diploma from Capsicum Culinary Studio and then began her career in the industry at Cube Tasting Kitchen, where she met Chef Darren.

It was here that she fostered her inner Sommelier through her position of wine pairing. Lisa decided to further her studies, and graduated with a Diploma in Food Journalism as well as WSET Level 3. Lisa and Chef Darren then embarked on lengthy international travels where they were fortunate to experience the wonders of many Michelin star restaurants.

Having experienced the ultimate in fresh food offerings on her travels, Lisa attributes the inspiration of the food identity at AURUM to the cycle of sustainability and respect for food observed along their travels.