Head Chef

Venturing into the hospitality world, Chef Darren began his journey in the United Kingdom. With a diverse portfolio of positions, Chef Darren has truly taken up every role in the hospitality industry. In his early days, Chef Darren took up the position of a nightman, a handyman and then front of house receptionist.

Upon his return to South Africa, Chef Darren decided to focus on the culinary side of hospitality and enrolled in a 2-year Diploma at HTA School of Culinary Arts. During his studies, Chef Darren completed a placement at Cube Tasting Kitchen before moving abroad to the United States of America to begin his culinary career at the Ritz Carlton Group.

Chef Darren later joined the team at Cube Tasting Kitchen and through continuos dedication, earned the title of Head Chef. Owing to his travel adventures with his partner, Lisa, Chef Darren takes pride in attributing his travels to his culinary inspiration. A philosphy of keeping things simple and sustainably sourcing, Chef Darren takes up the title of Head Chef at AURUM.